About Us

Who is Eco Heat?
We are experts in providing energy efficient and environmentally conscious heating solutions. We provide our clients effective, targeted, affordable solutions while lowering their energy bills and carbon footprint.

Why do we do this? Because we believe that comfort, quality and efficiency go hand in hand. We believe that being aware of the environmental impact of our choices can enhance quality of life for everyone – for our customers and all who walk through their doors, for our communities, and for the planet. And we do our best to walk the talk, by seeking out and utilizing environmentally friendly innovations and business practices in our daily operations.

We aim to always treat others as we’d like to be treated – this includes our clients, partners, employees and everyone in between, both before and after we make a sale. We have fun with our work and get excited about our products – and we want you to get excited about them too. Come check us out at www.ecoheat.co.za, or drop us a line (info@ecoheat.co.za).

Download our full Company Overview.

What do we sell?
Eco Heat heaters use infrared technology to provide comfortable, gentle heat using significantly less energy than convection, gas or oil heaters. Rather than wasting energy by heating the ambient temperature through convection, the heaters emit radiant heat in an infrared band that is safe and ideal for absorption by the human body, saving you up to 50% of your heating cost. The results combine energy efficient, dependable technology with competitive pricing, providing a financially and environmentally friendly heating option for indoor or outdoor applications.

Product downloads:
Product info
Product comparison

What are we blogging about?
We blog about the things we like – especially energy efficiency and the practical application of efficient, economical and environmentally friendly technology and products.

Contact Eco Heat
Visit our website or use the contact box below.


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